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Armstrong Family Winery

Winemaking in Woodinville

Located just 30 miles from downtown Seattle, Woodinville is one of the most unique and accessible wine communities in the world. 

Not very long ago, the small town of Woodinville, Washington was primarily rural. Now a quiet bedroom community serving the greater Seattle area, Woodinville still enjoys a few local farms and a strong agricultural heritage. While essentially none of the grapes used by the wineries here are grown in town, the wines currently being made in Woodinville honor that farming history. Washington State is one of the most exciting wine regions in the world and Woodinville winemakers are crafting wines that are being recognized on a global level.

The expertise and passion drawn to Woodinville, by wineries large and small, has created a center of gravity in the Pacific Northwest winemaking scene. Woodinville’s tradition of excellence is relatively young compared to many wine regions around the world but that is translating into an energetic and collaborative wine community where excellence is the norm. We believe that Woodinville has barely scratched the surface of what is possible. As more and more people around the world learn about Washington State Wine, Woodinville will continue to be a unique and approachable way to experience what the state has to offer. We’re honored to be a part of it!

Visiting Woodinville

There is a lot to learn about wine if you want to, but if you’re just starting out or a little bit curious about wine, we encourage you to get out and taste wines at different wineries. Buy some bottles to take home and try them with different foods. Note what you like, ask questions and enjoy the process of getting to know about wine, the wines being produced here and your own palette. In time, you’ll find that wine made just minutes from Seattle are among the finest being made anywhere in the world.

Where are the vineyards?

If you enjoy visiting wineries, Woodinville is a great destination but it is unique. Set aside your vision of rolling hills and sprawling vineyards. The grapes are all grown a few hours away from the wineries here - where the Columbia Valley provides near ideal conditions for world-class winegrowing.  

Throughout the year, you'll find us busy in the cellar but in the months leading up to harvest each fall, we're on the road visiting the vineyards as ofter as possible. When the time comes, we decide when to pick the grapes and the vineyard crews get work. The hand-picked grape clusters are collected in the vineyard and immediately brought across the Cascade mountains into our winery in Woodinville’s Warehouse Winery District. Here, we work with the grapes exactly the same way as we would if our winery was in a vineyard. We do all the work ourselves; from sorting and destemming, to fermenting, aging, blending and bottling.

What is the Warehouse District?

Our winery is located in Woodinville's Warehouse Winery District. The Warehouse District gives visitors an opportunity to interact with the people responsible for making the wine. It is truly a winery incubator. 


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