Tim Armstrong

Part artist, part engineer, Tim is one of those rare technical people with an uncanny ability to understand how things work – and to communicate it to the rest of us. Tim has been a wine enthusiast since 1996 when he was blown away by a glass of wine served on a business trip. Fascinated by the fact that wine could provide such a memorable experience, he set out to learn more about how wine works. Upon arrival in Washington, he began volunteering in the cellars of Woodinville wineries. He enrolled in Washington State University’s viticulture and enology programs, purchased six tons of grapes from vineyards in eastern Washington and began making our first Armstrong Family wine.

That first vintage earned several awards, including a Gold Medal at the Seattle Wine and Food Experience and a Double Gold in the Seattle Wine Awards. His commitment to excellence, attention to detail and care for this craft have served him well as he has produced highly acclaimed wines every vintage since. Tim looks forward to growing our production while maintaining the very highest standards of excellence possible.

Jen Armstrong
Owner/General Manager

Jen is all about the people. She is passionate about helping people be present in their lives and loves the way great wine can help us pause, engage our senses, enjoy the moment and then share it with others. She brings a diverse background in coaching, writing, public relations, event planning, camp directing, and non-profit management to the winery to head up sales, events, Club and day to day operations. In any given day, you may find her, driving the forklift, pouring wines for a restaurant wine buyer, greeting guests in the tasting room, hosting an event, attending a charity auction, or driving the kids to dance or soccer. Regardless, she’s excited to be on this life adventure with her family and invites guests to take a moment to pause, engage their senses, savor the moment, and share it with others… especially, with a glass of Armstrong in hand!

Audrey & Emily Armstrong
The Wild Angels

Wild at times, but Angels for sure, these two are the inspiration behind the name of our popular Wild Angels wine. Resident experts in all things fun, Audrey and Emily are expert winery fort finders, barrel climbers, and tasting room decorators. They have mastered chalk drawing on the floor of the winery and know which tank has the best acoustics for singing songs for Frozen (when the tank’s empty). They are also great helpers in the winery and tasting room. Audrey, in fact, at the age of 8 was so interested in helping to serve guests, that she took the WA State Health Department’s food handler’s class and certification test – and passed! But for the most part, these two specialize in 5rd and 7th grade, soccer, biking, cartwheels, baking, dancing, acting, and exploring the farm. They also happen to have a deep affections for lemonade stands. We wonder where they got that from…

Lisa Armstrong
Sales & Hospitality – Western Washington

Selling, delivering, organizing, hosting, pouring, and presenting our wines… Lisa does it all. While not from our particular Armstrong line, Lisa has been part of our Armstrong Winery family since the beginning. Initially a Club member (who happened to be the tasting room manager for another winery), she joined our team in the Spring of 2017 – just months before our family moved to Eastern Washington. Since then, she has been an integral leader for our business handling logistics, partnerships, outside sales… and anything else that’s needed to be done. Since this fall, she has also taken over leadership of our Woodinville tasting room and is the hostess with the mostess for Club events, private parties, outside events and more. We are so glad to have Lisa on our team.

Erica Orr
Consulting Enologist

Erica honed her craft working at some of the best wineries in the world: Rudd Estate, Cain Vineyard, Domaine Dujac and Yering Station. In 2005, she moved to Washington state and started an independent winemaking consulting and enology business in Woodinville, where she helped top wineries rack up 90+ point scores and now two Spectator Top 100 wines. In 2013, she started launched her own wine brand, Orr Wines. We are thrilled to have Erica on our team to perform detailed lab analysis, consult on winemaking issues and lend her palette to blending decisions.