I never really loved a wine until I met Fronk. Er, Cab Franc, I mean. It all happened at the end of September, 2001, when we were in North Carolina following my sister’s wedding. Tim and I decided to tour the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, NC. The property was amazing… true royal living designed by a bachelor one hundred years ago. Great archways, all of the modern conveniences of the time (electric lights!) and en entire men’s wing complete with bowling alley and gym.

The property was still owned by the family and subsequent generations decided to put the land to use in a variety of ways – including by growing grapes. Later, they had started a winery using estate grapes, as well as grapes sourced from around the region and from across the country in California.

I enjoyed the tasting… Back then, to me wine was wine. Pretty enjoyable… pretty similar.

And then there was Fronk.

It wasn’t called Fronk, of course. Simply Cabernet Franc… the name of the grape varietal. But there was something about it that made me take note. A bit of bright fruit, but something more… herbs and pepperiness. All kinds of delicious flavors – so much going on! For the first time, I really paid attention and was amazed at how interesting and delicious wine could be.

We bought our first case of wine that day. A case of Cabernet Franc. And over the next many months, when the occasion called for a special wine, I often found myself declaring, “I want my Fronk!” A nickname was born.